Is your brand image fresh for the new year

Is your brand image fresh for the new year?

2018 is over and businesses around the world should be planning how to stand out in 2019.

Strategic planning is an important part of business development but the importance of freshening up your brand image should not be under estimated.Brand image – the associations and feelings that customers experience when interacting with a business. Basically, a representation of your company, including your logo, colour palette, online & offline visual representations of your brand.

Brand image is vital to success

An important question to consider; is my brand image fresh for this new year?

  • Is the visual media of your company older than 10 years?
  • Has your company’s brand image been revised since it was set?
  • Is your brand image sending the right message and attracting the right audience?

Negative responses to these questions may mean your brand image is not reaching it’s maximum potential in 2019.

How can brand image be improved?

Brand image quote

3 simple steps!

1. Understand your brand

Brands are much more than just a name or a logo, it can be said that they have personalities, so make sure you conduct in depth research about your company to craft a brand image that is in line with your company. Think about its values and what makes you differentiate yourselves from your competitors because your brand image needs to reflect who you are.

2. Know your audience

Crafting your brand image is about knowing your existing audience and the audience you want to attract. It is highly important to keep in mind that your brand image needs to reflect your customers, so think about with who you are communicating before crafting it. Brand image needs to resonate among your customers because a strong brand image will help improve the recognition of your brand.

3. Be consistent

The brand image of your company must always be consistent in every interaction that customers have with it. To be consistent a company should have the same brand image online and offline. A bad example of a consistency would be when a company has different logo for its webpage than for its external signage. Companies that have consistent brand imagery enjoy higher credibility because it is easy to resonate in the mind of your customer when your brand appears identical in all touch points.

These are the 3 steps we at Morgans Consult always follow. Contact us to discuss how we can help.


Think about what your company is, its values, its brand identity because these points are what your brand image needs to shout about. Remember a strong brand image freshened up for 2019 will improve the value of your brand and business.

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