Are your signs attracting the right audience

Are your signs attracting the right audience?

Signs are highly important for business as they reinforce street presence in an increasingly overcrowded market. Your signs, whilst reinforcing your presence, also offer the first impression to customers about your brand.

It’s safe to assume your business is already using a large combination of signs: external signage, interior graphics, digital signs etc. The desired result that every business is expecting from its signage is to attract customers, but are your signs attracting the right audience to you? Is your signage an accurate representation of your business?

Below are 3 common mistakes companies make with their signage;

1. Your signage is not sending any message

It is very easy to go unnoticed even when trying to compete with other signs. Your signs need to stand up and be memorable and for that there are four important factors; size, colour, contrast and visibility.


Letter height chart

The size of your signs determine the readability, so in this case size does matter. The bigger the signs are, the more readable they are. The below chart shows the reading distance depending on the cap height of your sign’s lettering.


The colour of your signage is also very important. Your brand colour will enhance different feelings in your customers. Choosing the right colour in your signs can make your presence better perceived by customers. The below chart highlights each colour and the feelings it enhances;

Colour chart


The contrast used between the colours in your signage can make it more attractive and readable for your customers. It is also important for people who are visually impaired that your signage is clear and there is a strong contrast between the text used and background of the sign.


Before installing any sign, you should ask yourself, is it visible? Is it visible at night? With poor visibility your message will diminish so make sure the location, positioning, lighting etc are considered when installing signage.

2. Your signs are out of date

How long ago did you install your signage? Were they designed for a specific purpose or time that has elapsed?

Times change quickly, there are different trends and customers are attracted by fresh updated brands. If your business has signage for too long, it can slip into the background and thus out of your potential customers’ minds. Obsolete signage will not be noticed by a new or existing audience. Have a look at our post Is your brand image fresh for 2019?

3. Your signs are not a representation of your business

Your signage has to be a faithful representation of your brand. As mentioned previously, signs make the first impression for you before your customers enter your business. Your signage should shout about what you are and what you do, and entice people to enter your business.

Your signs should represent the soul of you business

To conclude, signs are the most efficient and cost-effective form of advertising for many businesses. Do not miss the opportunity to make a great first impression and stand out from the competition.

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