5 reasons branding is important

5 Powerful reasons why branding is important to customers

Branding is much more than a logo and a name. Branding is everything for a business.

Businesses are born every day but brands need to be made. Selling products or services is not as hard as having a privileged position in the consumers’ mind with extra value for them, which is gained by being branded.

As the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos says

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Working on your brand offering adds extra value to your customers. Here are the five main reasons why branding is important to customers;

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1. Recognition

Branding facilitates the recall and recognition of your business among your customers. When customers come across any of your brand assets there is an instant association in their mind with your brand. That unconscious association triggers feelings that will improve the value of your brand.

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2. Consistency

Branding helps your business to be consistent and customers love that. Customers want to find the same standards across all of your business touch points. The consistency of a brand also helps with recognition and recall because no matter where consumers interact with you as long as it is consistent it will always trigger the same feelings in them.

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3. Loyalty

Branding improves loyalty, your brand often creates an emotional connection with your customers who want to keep purchasing because they share your brand values. Loyal customers are extremely valuable because they become brand ambassadors spreading your message whilst purchasing from you. Branding also brings more than loyal customers, branding can also bring loyal employees that feel proud to be part of the organisation.

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4. Trust

Brands generate trust. Customers expect a consistent experience, service and quality and brands that can deliver these attributes gain the trust of their customer base. Having the trust of your customers means that your company enjoys an advantageous position in the market.

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5. Differentiation

Differentiation is the cornerstone of every business. Branding helps your company to differentiate yourself from your competitors; offering a unique proposition that stands out, cutting out all of the noise around you making customers pay attention to your brand.

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