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Homeless World Cup Cardiff 2019

Over 500 players from over 50 nations travelled to the Welsh capital to attend the 17th edition of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff.

The Homeless World Cup is a week-long football event created to showcase the power of sport in transforming the lives of people experiencing homelessness and social exclusion.

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With homelessness at it’s worst across Wales and the UK the Homeless World Cup aims to create a real impact on people’s lives who need it most.

Recent hosts of the tournament include Mexico City (Mexico), Oslo (Norway) & Glasgow (Scotland).

The Cardiff 2019 Homeless World Cup bid was led by Welsh actor Michael Sheen who was instrumental in the organisation of the event.

The event began in Cardiff’s beautiful Bute Park featuring a tournament pitch with grandstand for spectators to enjoy the matches. Two training pitches for players to prepare for their games and an abundance of family friendly activities, performances and street food for the public to enjoy.

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Morgans Consult were tasked with the job of providing the printed advertising graphics around the entire site at Bute Park along with the graphics at Cardiff Universities Talybont facilities where the teams were based.

With our experienced project managers, creative designers, highly skilled production / installation teams and state of the art large format printing and finishing studio we provided high-quality branding for the entire event.

The event signage provided ranged from large format grandstand graphics, pitch advertising boards, fence banners and many more promotional branding at both locations.

Our experienced installation teams were tasked with fitting all branding throughout the two sites in a small timeframe in the lead up to the event.

The reach of the Homeless World Cup Foundation extends far beyond the 500 players who attended the event.

Following the success of the of the Homeless World Cup a survey of players revealed that:

Say the Homeless World Cup positively impacted their lives.

Improved social relations with family and friends.

Changed their lives significantly because of their involvement with football.

Continue to play the sport.

To learn more about the amazing things the Homeless World Cup Foundation are doing to improve peoples lives click here.

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