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Football Association of Wales – Rebrand

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) have rebranded their visual identity by London based design consultancy Bulletproof, creating a fresh look that incorporates traditional Welsh heritage.

Despite being the third oldest association in the world, the FAW strive to promote a contemporary and current brand image. The rebrand of the association’s visual identity was themed around the company vision of “a modern nation with an ancient heart”.

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Founded in 1876, the association was created to govern football across Wales and today runs the six international Welsh football teams. Seen to many as an emblem of Wales, the FAW is known for its iconic dragon logo. The rebranding is represented across the whole association, using stripped back colours and fonts to allow attention to fall on the iconic Welsh dragon – a true symbol of our proud heritage.

FAW dragon crest

The logo was designed to emulate the Welsh spirit of grit and determination, using the image of the dragon that symbolises passion, progress and pride. It has been updated to reflect a simpler look, with the aim of fitting in to today’s modern world. Drawing inspiration from traditional Welsh slate carving, the dragon is designed with unique angles and delicately crafted edges. Emphasis on the claws and the removal of negative space allow the dragon to stand out further and provide a real sense of grounded solidity.

FAW crest evolution

The Dragon’s silhouette has been sculpted into the shield shape that sits on the chest of our National Teams. It presents a strong and impenetrable look that, even when the icon is removed from the badge, still perfectly represents the beating heart of Welsh football.

FAW badge examples

A new typeface called WELSH SPIRIT was also created exclusively for the association, which provides the company with a truly unique brand identity. Designed with a distinctively Welsh look, this font is inspired by the traditional Trajan typography that is often found on slate carving. Two secondary typefaces were also created; one which is inspired by condensed sport style typography and one which is a modern take on traditional slate engraving-style fonts.

FAW typography

All colours used for the new branding are taken from the Welsh countryside, drawing inspiration from the rolling hills of Glamorgan, the valleys of the Rhondda and the peaks of Snowdonia. This ensures that the spirit of Wales is present across all branding for The Football Association of Wales.

FAW colours

With the creation of the branding completed, Morgans Consult intend to help implement the new brand launch. We have already been involved in the launch of the new Wales football kit at St Fagans National Museum of History on the 11th November, where we provided printed graphics for the exhibition.

Wales have recently qualified for the European Championship 2020 and we will be involved in helping to implement the new brand visuals across the stadium and training locations with a range of signage and branding.

FAW graphic

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