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In today’s busy world, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of learning to switch off and restore our bodies and minds. Finding the time to unwind can be difficult, but practising health and wellbeing methods regularly can lead to a happier and healthier you.

Employee health and wellbeing is one of the biggest areas of focus for modern-day companies to take on board. Implementing workplace wellbeing strategies is not just about reducing absences; it’s about improving the general welfare of employees. Focusing on the wellbeing of staff members should be a top priority for employers, and offering regular yoga classes can support this.

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Yoga has become a hugely popular workplace wellbeing strategy, as more and more people discover the benefits of the 5000-year-old practice. Proven to provide many mental and physical benefits, yoga classes can help to de-stress and to motivate employees. It helps workers to feel more equipped to handle whatever challenges they need to face that day, and can provide relief for a number of aches and pains.

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Regular classes can aid workers in feeling happier and healthier, resulting in higher levels of energy and therefore more productivity throughout the day.
Office Yoga is powerful and effective way to support employees in managing stress, reducing pain and building resilience. All employees can get involved, regardless of age, gender or weight.

Some of the benefits of yoga in the workplace include:

Pain Relief – Yoga is a proven remedy for common aches relating to a desk job, such as back pain, neck strain and general stiffness. By encouraging employees to regularly stretch using fluid movements, it helps to loosen any tension and relieve pain.

Increased Energy – Yoga helps to get the heart pumping and blood flowing, which promotes oxygenation for energy production. A morning yoga session can improve the energy of employees and is shown to lead to a more productive day’s work.

Improved Concentration – The increased heart pumping and blood flowing will also contribute to higher levels of concentration. It also allows employees to ‘shut off’ their minds for a while, enabling them to free their thoughts from noise and clutter that stunts productivity.

Moral Boost – The practice of yoga elevates employees’ spirits and lowers tempers, allowing them to participate in a shared activity with no hostility. The tranquil setting of a yoga class is known to lower levels of stress hormones and will create a more harmonious atmosphere within your employees.

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Here at Morgans Consult, members of our team are taking part in regular Friday morning yoga classes to unwind at the end of the working week. These 45-minute-long classes focus on stretching the neglected areas of the body to help alleviate stiffness and pain. The classes allow us to de-stress after a long week, and provide energy to see us through the rest of the day. We previously carried out these classes at our headquarters, but these classes have now moved online to ensure the safety of our team members. Many of the team members taking part have noted how positive and uplifting they find the experience, so we are planning on carrying on with these virtual classes throughout 2021.

If you’re interested in work place yoga and its benefits, contact Jaymi Cue Yoga using the following links; @JaymiHC @j.a.y.m.i.c.u.e @jaymicueyoga

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