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Wayfinding signage

Wayfinding signage is arguably the most important signage for any business, as it is designed to guide visitors in the right directions and enhance their understanding of a space. Different to other forms of business signage, wayfinding is used to provide information that enables a smooth visitor experience.

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Wayfinding signs are especially important in complex buildings such as hospitals, schools and transportation facilities, but other common areas include car parks, hotels and museums. They help visitors to navigate an unfamiliar space without needing to ask for help, allowing guests to feel more comfortable during a visit.

An effective wayfinding system is clear and concise, providing consistent communication that doesn’t require much thought from your visitors. It will show only relevant information that enables a clear navigation path or provides the visitor with necessary details.

The design of wayfinding signage must be well-thought-out to ensure that it is clearly visible in areas where it is required. Font size and colour are both an important consideration as visitors must be able to view signs from a distance. The use of universal symbols, such as an arrow for a direction, is recommended as often as possible, as symbols can be easier to understand from further away.

There are four main types of wayfinding:

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Identification – Identification signs will draw attention to something a visitor might need, or it will tell them that they have arrived at their destination. From door plaques to landmark signage, these signs are easily understood markers that inform a visitor of the placement of a certain space.

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Directional – Directional signage works as an invisible hand pointing visitors in the right direction to their destination. These can range from simple maps of a facility, to signage plaques placed at a junction, to coloured lines on the floor, navigating visitors through your business to their destination.

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Informational – Informational signage provides broad information to your visitors without the need for them to ask questions. Often used as the first step in a new environment, these are regularly placed in receptions, waiting rooms and entrance areas. These signs will give your customers information including opening times, facility locations and WiFi availability.

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Regulatory – Regulatory signage is focused on reinforcing safety measures within your company premises and informing customers of rules and privacy expectations. This generally includes signs such as no smoking, accessibility information and no entry signage.

The correct use of all these different types of signage will ensure that visitors to your business have a smooth experience in navigating through your building.

Although wayfinding signage is primarily used to direct and inform customers, it can also be an opportunity for internal branding. Using a common font and colour scheme throughout your signs will add to your brand recognition, while adding your logo or company name can ensure your brand identity is prevalent.

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