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Here at Morgans Consult, we are offering a range of PPE and safety signage to help businesses continue operating safely throughout the COVID19 pandemic. We have been utilising our in-house facilities to manufacture a variety of safety products that can help to keep both employees and the public safe.

We have teamed up with the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) to develop a range of products that will help all members safely return to sporting. Our team worked alongside Golf Wales to create safety signage designed specifically for golf courses, allowing them to remain open in line with government guidelines. We created a bespoke range of products for the courses, including distancing screens, floor graphics, hand sanitiser points and social distancing signage.

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The demand for sporting safety signage led to us into working alongside the WSA to create more bespoke products for other sporting facilities. In order to encourage the safe return of sports, we have designed and manufactured a variety of signage tailored around individual sporting facilities.

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We are currently offering a 20% discount on all safety signage pricing for all WSA members to help enable the safe reopening of their facilities.

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