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What is a Vector Logo?

When starting a project, one of the first things we will request from a client is a vector file of their logo. To which we often receive the response; “what is a vector logo?”.

What is a vector logo text

A vector logo file is the original format that a logo has been created in before it has been exported in different formats for various other applications. It is a small, scalable and editable image that allows for a lot of flexibility. Vector files are built by mathematical formulas which allow each path to look flawless at any size, maintaining a crisp quality even when stretched out. These can only be produced using vector-based programs such as Adobe Illustrator and are commonly found in AI, PDF, EPS and SVG file formats.

Vector file types

Logos are often sent to us in a JPG format, which is a raster file. In comparison to the flexibility of vector images, raster images are constructed using a fixed number of coloured pixels. These images can’t be resized without compromising their quality, which means that the image will distort if stretched to fill a larger space. As the image becomes larger, pixilation will take place which will leave the image blurry and jagged. Most images found on the web are raster and usually in the 72-100dpi range, which makes them unsuitable for printing, as an image needs to be at least 300dpi to be printed correctly. Raster files are commonly found in JPG, PNG, GIF and TIF formats.

Raster file types

There are two main reasons why vector files are the better choice over raster images:


The biggest benefit to using a vector logo is that it can be infinitely scaled up or down without losing any quality. Vectors are made up of numerous scalable objects that are not resolution dependant, leaving you with a clear design that looks as good printed as it does on screen.

Raster vs vector scalability

Easily Editable

Vector files can be easily edited using a vector-based program, allowing components to be moved and colours to be altered. Having the flexibility to alter logos as required allows us to create the best design possible, and doesn’t hold up the design process while we wait for other variations to be sent across.

Editable vs outlines

As such, vector graphics are ideal for artwork that needs to be printed in any format. In the production of any signage, we will use the outlines of the vectors for laser cutting and routing, so a crisp and smooth line is essential for a quality finish.

Your logo is the foundation of your company, showing the world your brand identity in a single image. By providing a vector image that can be rescaled without affecting the quality, you are ensuring that your logo reflects your brand in a quality manner.

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