Designing a covid compliant office

Designing a COVID compliant office

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is vitally important that all businesses are operating as safely as possible. Strict office safety guidelines are now in place to allow employees to continue working while minimising the risk of spreading the virus.

Office layouts need to be adapted to adhere to the 2m distancing rule and minimise the risk of spreading the virus. This should involve spacing out desks, limiting room capacities and creating one-way walking systems.

In any instance where a 2m distance can’t be managed between employees, safety screens must be used as a barrier. These can be freestanding desk screens or mobile floor standing screens, and should be placed between employees to prevent the spread of airborne particles. 

Floor graphics and wall stickers should be introduced to remind workers of these social distancing restrictions, alongside signs informing employees and visitors of any facilities that are not to be used.

Following new government safety regulations, all organisations are now required to clearly display warnings, advice, and information regarding virus prevention to ensure the safety of all employees. Properly located safety signs should be a vital component in preparing a COVID-secure workspace, ensuring that all persons can be easily directed through any given building with a clear understanding of the new restrictions in place.

Informational signs reminding visitors to wear a mask, keep their distance and to follow directional arrows are important for maintaining a safe working area for everyone. Other wall signs including hand washing and hand sanitizing information should also be included as standard. Signs should be clearly displayed and easily understood, preventing any reasonable misunderstanding of restrictions that need to be followed.

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Signage placement is an important factor to consider; general reminders about social distancing are not location-specific but many other signs are. Hand washing and hand sanitising reminders are more likely to belong in food preparation areas, restrooms, or hygiene stations, and are much less useful in busy walkways. Similarly, areas where face masks must be worn at all times are required to have signage that indicates so. Office spaces should now contain a temperature checking point, which should be clearly indicated through the use of signage.

Here at Morgans Consult, we are manufacturing a range of virus safety signage and equipment to help guide your employees in safe working practises. From social distance wall and floor graphics to Perspex screens, we can provide a wide variety of safety products to better protect your workers while on site.


It is important to note that each workplace is different and will have different requirements for safety equipment. We have created tailored signage roll-outs for many organisations, including buildings within the government, health and education sectors. We are aiding them in creating a safer workspace by providing a system designed around their specific requirements. Our expert team can safely carry out a survey of your premises and create a system that is customised around your building.

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