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Morgans Consult Achieve FSQS Certification

We at Morgans Consult, part of MS-Group Limited, are pleased to announce that we are officially registered on the Hellios FSQS supplier qualification system. 

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What is FSQS? 

The Financial Services Qualification System (FSQS) is a common register of standardised, validated, structured and comprehensive vendor and third-party information. It is an accreditation tool that is widely used by some of the leading financial organisations, including Lloyds Banking Group, Principality Building Society, Bank of England, Arbuthnot Latham, and many others. 

FSQS essentially removes the need to complete and update due diligence on new and existing supplier and business partners thanks to every business who are FSQS accredited having already completed this as part of their FSQS accreditation. 

What did Morgans Consult have to do to become FSQS accredited? 

To successfully become FSQS accredited, Morgans Consult, as part of MS-Group Limited, were audited against FSQS requirements in key areas that demonstrate robust GDPR compliance. 

The key areas audited include: 

  • Business continuity 
  • Financial 
  • Insurance 
  • Health & Safety 
  • IT & Information Security 
  • Anti-Bribery 
  • Recruitment 
  • Operational Risks 
  • Fraud 
  • Responsible Business Governance & Records Management 
  • Environmental & Sustainability 

Why is our FSQS accreditation beneficial? 

Our FSQS accreditation is beneficial for several reasons. It benefits our clients as it offers them an enhanced level of reassurance when it comes to understanding our commitment to excellence in all areas of compliance, while providing proof that Morgans Consult is a trusted name within the financial sector. It also offers Morgans Consult the opportunity to collaborate with other leading organisations. 

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