Morgans Consult Awarded Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation

Morgans Consult, as part of MS-Group Limited, has recently been awarded Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation, recognising the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of cyber security, protecting ourselves and our clients.

What is Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation?

The Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation is a UK government-backed scheme that helps organisations protect themselves against common cyber threats. It focuses on the essential steps that companies need to take to safeguard their systems and data.

Morgans Consult’s Accreditation

Morgans Consult has demonstrated its dedication to cyber security by achieving the Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation, as certified by The IASME Consortium Ltd.

View public verification of our Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation

The accreditation confirms that the company has put in place appropriate measures to protect its IT systems against cyber-attacks.

Working Towards Cyber Essentials Plus

Morgans Consult, as part of MS-Group Limited, is now working towards the second stage of the accreditation, Cyber Essentials Plus

This involves a hands-on audit and verification of the company’s systems and procedures to ensure they are as secure as possible.

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Why Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation is Important

As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is important for organisations to take the necessary steps to protect themselves against these threats. The Cyber Security Essentials Accreditation provides a framework for companies to follow, helping them to improve their cyber security posture and reduce their risk of being targeted by cyber criminals – this is incredibly important for the security of both ourselves and our clients. 

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