Morgans Consult Celebrate Success With Wider MS-Group Family

On Saturday (24.06.23), Morgans Consult staff joined colleagues from the other MS-Group companies to spend time together celebrating a period of significant growth across the business.  

The sun was shining, the bar was stocked, and the burgers were sizzling. Colleagues and their families gathered in Penarth for a BBQ, a kickabout and a few drinks in the sun. 

MS-Group, parent company of Morgans Consult, is an independent, family-run business that dates back to 1821. Since its beginnings in traditional stone masonry, it has grown and diversified, and today is the parent company of a network of signage, branding, stone masonry, fabrication, and vehicle graphics companies.

At Morgans Consult, we draw on the Group’s broad knowledge and manufacturing capability meaning we can deliver truly unique projects far beyond the capability of competitors. We all work closely within this network to ensure we design and manufacture stunning solutions for our clients.

One area of expertise within the Group no one expected was the culinary ability of MS-Group CEO Simon Morgan, who spent much of the afternoon flipping burgers for over 150 guests.

“Today has been an opportunity for us to get together. An opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, and to celebrate our ongoing successes. Everyone here contributes daily to the business so we’re here to recognise those contributions. To say a big “thank-you” to everyone who makes this ever-growing 200-year-old family business still feel like a family”.

Simon Morgan, CEO, MS-Group

The afternoon ended with a series of awards presentations by Simon and David Morgan, recognising employees who have been part of the MS-Group family for 5, 7, 10, 15 or 25 years.

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