Town-wide Wayfinding Scheme and Heritage Celebration in Amlwch, Wales

This complex wayfinding system and signage design blended practical solutions with a stunning heritage inspired aesthetic.

Amlwch is town on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales and is a site of cultural significance having contributed to Wales’ industrial golden age. We worked with Isle of Anglesey County Council to create a town-wide wayfinding scheme to enhance navigation and celebrate the town’s proud copper mining history

The Brief

Our wealth of experience working on historic sites across Wales led us to be selected ahead of significant industry competition to deliver this project. Our task was to blend a complex yet practical wayfinding scheme, with tastefully designed modern signage that references and celebrates the town’s history. 

The Solution

As with all projects, we work closely with the client, ensuring we have a full understanding of their aspirations before providing a design solution. This specific solution required a significant amount of town-wide site surveying, mapping pedestrian and vehicle traffic routes, and ensuring sign placement was practical while enhancing visitor’s experience of the town. 

Our intuitive wayfinding system incorporated a wide range of technologies, including town boarder signs, external monoliths, multi directional finger posts and post and panel information signage.

While working within the supplied brand guidelines, we were given the flexibility to explore designs that specifically referenced the town’s industrial heritage. Our designers created an aesthetic solution that integrated copper elements, using innovative fabrication methods that visually referenced this proud history while staying true to the town’s existing identity.

As with any bespoke solution, we maintained continuous dialogue with the client, offering detailed design proposals, CAD drawings, and fabrication samples throughout.

This was a complex installation across an entire town, a remote location with often challenging terrain. It required significant traffic management strategies to minimise disruptions, allowing locals and visitors to move safely while installation was underway. 

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The Result

The result is a cohesive town-wide signage scheme that is practical, engaging and sympathetic to the town’s existing identity. The fully bilingual signage celebrates the region’s history, and educates visitors wishing to learn more about the town.

“We were very impressed with the service provided by Morgans Consult. Professional, high quality, flexible, accommodating and a pleasure to deal with on all aspects and at all levels of design, manufacture and installation.”

Dr. Trefor Wyn Jones, Isle of Anglesey Council

What We Supplied

In addition to consultancy services that include a series of surveys, proposals, and designs, we supplied a range of materials and products;

  • Wayfinding Systems
  • Visitor engagement
  • Conservation education and interpretation
  • Health and safety signage
  • 3D brand signage
  • Welcome monoliths

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