Caring for People and the Planet – Our Commitment

As our business continues to develop and grow, so does our responsibility to protect our planet, to look after our people, and to support our local communities.

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions, to use resources more effectively, and to reduce the waste we produce throughout our manufacturing process.

So, we’ve outlined 5 commitments to help us keep on track, to deliver on our vision of a more sustainable Morgans Consult.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to implementing and continually improving sustainable business practices that focus on minimising the environmental impacts of our work. We seek opportunities to work with our customers, suppliers and partners to develop and create positive social and environmental impacts.

There are 5 overarching commitments we are working towards to reduce our environmental footprint, and to help reduce the footprint of our clients.

You can read our full sustainability commitment, and find out about our current sustainable activities below.

1. Greener Product Alternatives

In order to protect the environment we see it as our duty to help educate our customers about the eco-friendly product alternatives available on the market. This could be in either the way they are made or sourced (reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain) or the recyclability of the products at the end of their life.

We have access to an increasing range of products derived from renewable resources or with the reduced environmental impact that we promote during our consultation process. This gives our customers the opportunity to choose an environmentally friendly alternative.

2. Quest for Carbon Neutrality

We aspire to having a carbon-neutral operation, annually measuring our carbon footprint across our production centres, following globally recognised standards and identifying opportunities to further reduce our carbon footprint (such as our direct emissions, energy consumption, travel practices and waste).

Our residual carbon footprint will be offset by our support of both local and global projects such as the installation of solar panels to power our workshop, planting trees on behalf of our customers, installing LED lighting, reducing energy use, swapping petrol company vehicles to electric, promoting use of alternative transport, reducing unnecessary travel and utilising remote working technologies to name a few.

3. Zero Waste to Landfill

We regularly review and assess our waste and waste disposal practices to ensure that we prevent waste in the first instance, and where unavoidable, ensure we reduce, reuse, or recycle that waste. Our waste management practices are constantly reviewed so we can reduce and eliminate waste being sent to landfill.

In addition to our ISO14001 accreditation, we ensure paper and cardboard is recycled and new arrangements have been introduced for the collection of previously non-recyclable backing papers and vinyl so they can now be recycled/repurposed to create new products. We also donate offcuts to local schools and universities. 

4. Continual Improvement

We accept that we’re not yet as sustainable as we aspire to be, so we need to continually improve. We seek excellence in every area of our work and are committed to continuing to improve our environmental performance by minimising our environmental impact. We commit to regularly reviewing our activities, policies and targets to ensure we are reducing emissions, reducing waste and promoting best practice.

Internal education is key, we want a work culture that puts sustainability at the heart of our business decisions. This is an ongoing commitment upheld by every member of the Morgans Consult team.

5. Quarterly Reporting

To ensure we remain on track to deliver our sustainability ambitions, we will produce quarterly Sustainability Reports, shared with our key stakeholders.

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If you have any questions about sustainability at Morgans Consult, or have any suggestions on ways we could improve, please contact us.

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