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Caring for People and the Planet – What We’re Doing

We want to be come a more sustainable signage company, and recognise that climate change poses a threat to nature, the economy, public health and communities. It’s important to us that we reduce our impact on the environment and that we make positive contributions to wider society.

We want our clients to feel reassured that we have the wider world’s best interests at heart.

We work collaboratively with our stakeholders to help build a more sustainable future by reducing our collective carbon footprint, our reliance on single use plastics, and ensuring that wherever possible, we reduce, reuse and recycle at every stage of the production process. 

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We’ve implemented a number of environmental and social practices as we strive to better ourselves and offer more sustainable solutions to our clients.

1. We’ve Embraced Solar Power

In 2022 we installed a 10kWp PV System consisting of 220 x Longi 445W Mono-Crystalline solar panels on the roof of our manufacturing plant. These solar panels produce the renewable energy needed to power 100% of manufacturing capacity at Morgans Consult, rain or shine.

These panels save 27000kg of CO2 entering the atmosphere every year – that’s the equivalent of Morgans Consult planting 1637 trees annually.

2. We Plant Trees for Our Customers

We planted over 2000 trees on behalf of our customers in 2022, showing that together, we’re committed to improving our relationship with the natural world. 2000 trees planted by communities across the globe, that’s more CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere, more animals protected from deforestation, increased rainfall, purer water, and additional income for local economies.

2000 trees planted by Morgans Consult in 2022. Those trees absorb around 33,000kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

3. We’re Reducing our Carbon Miles

We like meeting our clients face to face and building trusted long-term relationships. To do so, our consultants rack up some serious mileage. In 2022 we started equipping our busiest consultants with electric vehicles so that we can maintain those trusted personal relationships with our clients, without having a negative impact on the environment.

Our electric vehicles cover over 3500 miles per month. By switching to electric, those vehicles save 1400KG of CO2 escaping into our atmosphere monthly… the equivalent of Morgans Consult planting 84 trees every single month.

16800kg of CO2 is saved every year, the equivalent of Morgans Consult planting 1008 trees annually. 

We also encourage our staff to use alternative methods of transport for their commute and have installed charging points at our HQ.

4. We Donate Our Off-Cuts to Schools

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we produce. Whilst we’re proud of the strides we’re making year on year, we know that there will inevitably be some off-cuts from our manufacturing process. That’s why we approach local schools and universities to offer these off-cuts as donations to their art or technology departments.

These materials include acrylic sheeting, Foamex, vinyl and composite. We deliver these materials free of charge.

5. We Recycle, and Use Recycled

We’re certified to the international standard on Environmental Management (ISO14001), meaning we meet and maintain strict high standards of environmental performance.

We work to minimise consumption and reduce waste. We currently have up to 98% of all waste streams recycled and we are committed to improving our environmental performance year on year.

Our sister company, Mossfords Memorial Masons, who are also part of MS-Group, have recently been awarded the prestigious Platinum level Greener Globe Funeral Awards for their collaborative work with funeral directors across Wales and the Southwest.

6. We Source Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

We have sourced environmentally friendly alternatives to almost every raw material we use for manufacture. This includes all plastics and composites where recycled, recyclable and responsibly sourced alternatives are available.

We keep our clients informed, ensuring we’re transparent about the materials we use, clearly showing which materials are recycled or recyclable on our quotes and proposals.

We also recommend sustainable alternatives wherever we feel they could be utilised.

7. We’re Removing PVC Products

PVC has been a staple material in the industry for decades, but we’ve reduced our reliance by XX% and aim to have removed PVC from any products we supply by XXXX. 

Our sister company Dipec, an acrylic fabricator, is similarly working to reduce reliance on PVC products, offering recycled and recyclable alternatives wherever possible.

8. We’re Here to Help Customers Meet Sustainability Targets

Morgans Consult are on the pulse with any environmentally friendly technologies that come to the market meaning our consultants are fully informed to help and advise. We encourage our clients to explore options that help them meet their sustainability targets, whether that’s solar powered digital screens, our Trotter moveable billboard systems, use of new environmentally friendly materials or carbon offsetting client projects by planting trees on their behalf. We listen and advise on bespoke solutions that work for each client.

9. We Champion Our Local Community

We’re proud of where we’re from, and support initiatives that safeguard the health and wellbeing of our local community. We sponsor grassroots football, and are the main sponsor for Heath Park Rangers, our local youth team. We recently held a design workshop for children on a work experience placement to help redesign Heath Park Rangers team’s badge.

We sponsored the Wales national team at the Dance World Cup and provided signage and print work to Welsh Athletics free of charge in 2022.

We donate match tickets for Wales Women’s National Team and Cardiff City Ladies FC matches to local schools and grassroots clubs. We donated 100 tickets to girls at Splott Albion so they could watch Cardiff City Ladies lift the league trophy in 2023.

10. Our Staff Want to Make a Difference

As a business we’re making ongoing contributions to the environment and society, but this is only possible if our staff buy into the process. We support our staff as they make ongoing contributions to social causes.

We actively participate in the Cycle to Work scheme and celebrate staff who have changed their commuting habits with the environment in mind.

As a company we have held  McMillan Coffee Mornings, made Christmas present drop boxes, have completed the Three Peaks and 10k Running Challenge – all only achievable with staff buy-in.

Many staff have causes they feel particularly passionate about and we commit to championing and supporting these endeavours.

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