7 Reasons Why Digital Should be Part of Your Signage Plans 

We’re often being asked about the benefits of digital screens as an alternative to traditional printed branding and signage. Historically, the cost of screen technology has been an obstacle for many businesses, but as technology develops, and the cost of running LED displays reduces, many clients are making digital part of their plans when designing their spaces.

We are all looking to engage with customers in a more interactive and dynamic way. Outdoor digital displays are replacing billboards in most high-traffic city locations. The same is happening internally, and in the spaces immediately surrounding business premises.

Here’s a round up of the reasons why digital signage is such a powerful signage solution, and why you may wish to consider digital solutions.

Morgans Consult building a 16 metre screen for the Wales Millennium Centre
Building a 16 metre screen for the Wales Millennium Centre

1. The Sustainable Option

Once installed, screens have a significantly longer shelf life than traditional signage, with significantly less waste. most digital signs use LED screens, which are known for their energy-saving capabilities. LED screens use 90% less energy than traditional tech and the content can be updated without any new production processes, meaning less waste. 

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2. It’s Cost Effective in the Long Run

Although the initial investment may be higher than traditional signage, digital signage displays last longer and require lest maintenance. Once installed, the content can be updated remotely, and in real time, saving you time and money on printing, and installation.

Wales Millennium Centre

3. Unparalleled Flexibility

Content can be tailored to meet the needs of specific campaigns, target audiences, or current promotions. Dynamic content delivery increases the shelf life of your signage, and allows you to update the content in real time. Got a specific client visiting your space? You can tailor content specifically to target their needs. Just been through an expensive rebrand? If you prioritised digital signage you’ll have no expensive physical signage to update.

Case Study: Digital Screen Provides Wow Factor at Refurbished Wales Millennium Centre

4. Interactive and Immersive Experiences

Interactive and immersive experiences: Touchscreen displays enable customers to actively participate, browse through product catalogues, view additional information, and make informed decisions. Interactive maps, virtual product demonstrations, and personalized recommendations can gives customers a deeper, hands-on experience of your brand.

5. Mapping and Wayfinding in Complex Spaces

Spaces are becoming more complex, and the way people interact and navigate those spaces has changed. People expect to be able to find their destination quickly, and directly, with minimum effort. Using digital screens as a wayfinding solution can ensure an intuitive customer experience, and can provides a platform to capture accurate user data, so customer movement and actions can be monitored and analysed.

We are the preferred supplied for Living Map, a global market leader in mapping and wayfinding technology. Please reach out if you’re interested in finding out more about Living Map and how it can enhance customer experience, and visitor movement.

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6. Grabs Attention and Leaves an Impression

We are drawn to light, colour and moving image… not to mention sounds. It’s impossible to walk past a large format digital screen without absorbing the content. Video is more engaging than static branding and allows the communication of more complex messaging through visual and audio. Retail stores, event venues, corporate workspaces, video walls can tell compelling brand stories, showcase products, or immerse customers in your latest campaign.

7. Digital Screens are Moveable!

Did you know you can hire screens that aren’t fixed to any permanent structures? They can be placed within minutes, and moved within minutes! This means you can reach and communicate with customers wherever they are.

There are digital screen systems that can be hired, delivered to your premises, installed, moved and removed. This technology is perfect for events, short term promotions, as they require no planning permissions, and don’t need to be fixed into the ground. We are a preferred supplier of The Trotter digital screen systems, so reach out if you’d like to find out more.


While the initial outlay for digital signage currently far outweighs that of traditional signage manufacturing, it’s flexibility, and longevity make it an attractive option for many businesses. It’s also more impactful and allows more complex messaging to be communicated and absorbed in an engaging way.

Digital technologies can be deployed as part of a wider signage strategy. If you’d like to find out more about digital signage and how it can help your businesses, please reach out on info@morgansconsult.com / 02922 400 807

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