Sustainable Acoustic Solutions dampen noise & improve privacy. But the best bit? They’re made from recycled plastic bottles

As more and more businesses embrace open plan working and hot-desking, considerations need to be given to the inevitable increase in noise and reduced privacy. 

Acoustics offer an aesthetic solution to these issues. Here’s how you can use our Acoustic Solutions to improve your workspaces.

What are Acoustic Panels?

All of our panels offer universal sound-absorbing treatment for walls and hard, reflective surfaces.

The sheets are soft to touch, easy to mount, and the best bit? They’re made from recycled plastic bottles. 

With their warm appearance and soft texture, the panels benefit the interior both aesthetically and acoustically. They can be mounted on both walls and ceilings to improve your space.

All felt panels are soft to touch and impact-resistant. The sheets are easy to mount and process, making it possible to bring any design to life.

A product and aesthetic that suits your business

Our felt Acoustic Panels come in depths of either 9mm or 12mm, both depths are available in a range of finishes, colours and patterns, allowing you to choose a finish that best represents your brand.

9mm Felt Panels:

  • Made from PET Felt – recycled plastic bottles
  • Sound-dampening effect
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to mount and process
  • Available in 28 colour blends
  • Available in 11 different patterns

12mm Felt Panels:

  • Made from PET Felt – recycled plastic bottles
  • Available exclusively at extra thickness
  • Increased depth offers superior acoustic effect
  • Easy to mount and process
  • Impact resistant
  • Available in 18 colour blends
  • Available in 11 different patterns.

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Hanging Dividers

Bring privacy and acoustic comfort to your interior with hanging room dividers.

Designed for open plan areas in offices, soft seating areas and restaurants, these flexible partitions dampen unwanted noise, improve privacy, and shield from visual distractions.

These dividers won’t compromise the open character of your interior. As with the 9mm felt acoustic panels, these dividers are available in 28 colour blends and a range of patterns.

Easy Acoustics

Our Easy Acoustics are quick and simple to install, supplied as individual pieces that can be combined to add sound absorbance to any hard surface. Easy Acoustics are now available in two shapes, and various sizes, offering more flexibility and design opportunities.

Available in 60mm and 90mm variants, these wall-mountable blocks come in 28 different colours and can be placed in two ways: horizontal and diagonal.

To make your acoustic installation even more dynamic and unique, you can add the Hexagon shape.


The geometric shape allows you to create exciting patterns on any type of surface. You can also combine different colours or tile shapes and sizes to make a beautiful statement piece.

Large tiles are available for purchase in sets of 6 and small in sets of 30.

  • Easy to attached to walls and ceilings
  • High-end finish with a bevel-cut
  • Great acoustic performance
  • Available in small and large sizes 
  • Available in 28 colour blends and a range of patterns

Felt Ceiling Rafts

Our Felt Ceiling Rafts offer a subtle approach to improving your building’s acoustics. Positioned out of the sightline, the ceiling rafts can be fixed directly to the ceiling, or suspended at varying lengths from the ceiling surface. Available in 28 colours, and a range of patterns, these products can be implemented as an aesthetic addition to your space, or to blend in with the rest of the interior.

  • An elegant perspective on the classic ceiling covering
  • Felt is made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Available in a range of patterns, and customisable if required
  • Available in 28 colour blends
  • Can be fixed to the ceiling surface or suspended

Baffle Systems

Baffles are an acoustic ceiling solution for sound absorption and anti-reverberation. 

Simple yet elegant, Acoustic Baffles are the perfect option for minimalistic designs and smaller rooms that still require better acoustics.

Available in multiple shapes and patterns, our Baffle Systems come in 28 different colour blends.

Custom Orders

You can really make a statement with your acoustic installation.

Our Acoustic Solutions allow you to combine our range of products, to create your own finish. Not only that, if you want a truly bespoke solution, our CNC machinery capabilities combined with 28 colour blends, allow us to design and create a branded centrepiece for your environment.

If you have a specific design or pattern you’d like to implement in your space, just let us know.

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