Van Gogh to Rembrandt. Morgans Consult Supports Art of the Selfie Exhibition

It’s not often you get to work on an exhibition to celebrate such renowned artists as Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

Over recent weeks we’ve been working with Uned Studio and National Museum Cardiff on their latest exhibition ‘Art of the Selfie’. This exhibition explores whether the self-portrait is the original selfie, looking at how artists through time, from Rembrandt and Van Gogh to Francis Bacon, Bedwyr Williams and Anya Paintsil, see and represent themselves.

The exhibition features original work from these artists and encourages visitor participation by exploring what selfies mean to them.


Morgans Consult has a long-standing relationship with National Museum Cardiff, supplying a range of solutions throughout their sites in Cardiff, and across Wales. This project gave us another opportunity to work collaboratively with our sister company, Dipec Acrylic Fabrication to create a truly bespoke solution for the exhibition. 

Our ability to work collaboratively with other companies within the MS-Group family offers our clients a far wider range of solutions, with more innovative outcomes, than would be available from traditional signage companies.

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Finding a Solution for the Art of the Selfie Mirror Exhibit

Our brief wasn’t only to build an engaging installation in a dedicated space within the museum, but also to cover and protect the installation that was currently positioned in the space.

Our survey team went to site, to gather an understanding of the space, and the requirements needed to cover the existing exhibit which was located on a first-floor thoroughfare. The existing exhibit was large meaning we needed to design and build the structure frame and panelling off site and deliver to the site in sections for construction on-site.

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The structure needed to be strong enough to both hide and protect the existing exhibit, and be robust enough to withstand interaction with the public.

Creating a perfect mirrored surface at that scale isn’t easy, any flat mirrored surface is unforgiving meaning the surfaces needed to be completely flat, and perfect right angles, and with no visible joins.

Our solution was to create a timber frame and panels in four sections that we could affix mirrored acrylic to and build on-site ensuring any joins were invisible and the surface was perfectly flat.

The mirrored surfaces were treated with an innovative hard coating to protect it from the inevitable risk of damage from public interactions and the beautiful vinyl lettering (designed by Uned Studio) was applied on site.

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Banner Systems that Protect Architecture

The National Museum building is beautiful, one of Cardiff’s best known and loved landmarks. As a listed building, we were challenged to create an innovative banner display system that allowed banners to be suspended between the museum’s iconic pillars without requiring any fixings into the stone.

With the system in place, Morgans Consult produces and replaces the banners for each new exhibition or promotion.

The Art of the Selfie exhibition opens on Saturday 16 March and runs until January 2025. You can find out more here

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