Cadw / Welsh Government

Cadw is the Welsh Government’s historic environment service which has a range of responsibilities for historic sites across Wales. They help sustain the distinctive character of Wales’s landscapes and towns, help people understand and care about their place and history and the place of Wales in the world, and make a real difference to people’s wellbeing in Wales.

Cadw currently manages 130 monuments on behalf of Welsh Government Ministers. These range from prehistoric ritual and settlement sites, Roman forts and towns, ruins of medieval castles and abbeys, Renaissance houses and chapels to industrial complexes.

From health and safety, wayfinding and interpretation, we work with estate management to ensure our branding and signage solutions enhance visitor experience, and protect these sites of cultural and historic significance.

At a glance

• Cadw is Welsh Government’s historic environment service
• It has a remit to preserve, promote and protect historic sites across Wales
• We work across the entire Cadw estate, providing branding, interpretation and health and safety signage
• We provide consultation, design, manufacture and installation services
• We focus on solutions that protect the integrity of each site, using appropriate fixing methods and materials


Morgans Consult won the Signage Replacement Contract tender for Cadw. The brief was twofold;

  •  Design, fabricate and manufacture a variety of requested signage to Cadw brand guidelines and specifications.
  •  Install signage on Cadw monuments and properties based on the agreed roll-out of signage with Cadw’s Interpretation Team across the whole of Wales.

The works briefly comprise of designing visitor information, directional and promotional signage for Cadw and then delivering and installing these signs at the monuments. This also involves the removal of historic signs from the building fabric in addition to the installation of signs in sensitive areas of the site. We’re also responsible for producing artwork, technical drawings and signs for approval which meet the Cadw brand, Welsh language and DDA guidelines in addition to communicating the correct information for the visitor.


With a deep understanding of the complex Cadw brand guidelines, and sustainability requirements, our design team produce a range of branding and signage applications for installation across the full range of sites. When surveying each site, our consultants ensure sign placements maximise dwell time and engagement of site visitors, while not detracting from the overall ambiance of the sites. We are always mindful of using installation and fixing methods that in no way harm the historic fabric of the monument, or impact the architecture or surrounding ecology.

We’ve supplied a range of products across the estate, including interpretation panels, monoliths, finger posts, wall-mounted composite panels, window manifestations, and large format prints.

Cadw also requires the use of recycled and sustainable materials where possible with an increasing % usage during the life of the contract. Removed signage is recycled/ disposed of in a responsible manner.


Recent projects