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Cardiff City Football Club

A premiership football club with an impressive stadium which appeals to the fanbase and team sponsors alike. Morgans Consult have been instrumental in developing sponsorship opportunities for the football club.

At a glance

• Club founded in 1899 as Riverside FC
• Only football club outside of England to win FA CUP
• Current Premier League team
• Cardiff City Stadium built in 2009, holds just over 33,000 people.
• Morgans Consult signage and sponsorship signage suppliers of CCFC.


As a premier league football team Cardiff City Football Club have positioned themselves alongside some of the biggest teams in world football. Cardiff City Stadium was built in 2009 and through stand re-developments now holds just over 33,000 people making in the 23rd largest stadium in the UK.

Morgans Consult have worked with Cardiff City since the stadium re-development and partnered with them to ensure the stadium is updated every season with branding and signage. We designed, manufactured the iconic stadium letters with colour changing LEDs that enabled the football club to change from blue to red and then from red to blue during their re-brands.

Morgans Consult also designed the concept to suspend large format banners around the internal bowl of the stadium enabling Cardiff City to sell the large spaces to their sponsors. We regularly manufacture and install the sponsor banners when required.

Recent projects