Llanishen and Lisvane Reservoir

Welsh Water, the UK’s only not-for-profit water company, recently opened the Lisvane & Llanishen Reservoirs to the public. These reservoirs, in the heart of the Welsh capital, are both designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). We worked with Welsh Water to deliver a signage, interpretation and wayfinding scheme that helped protect the precious ecology on the site, while educating and engaging its visitors.

At a glance

• A designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.
• A delicate ecological site, requiring careful behavioural planning and control.
• A city centre oasis of calm, championing health, wellbeing and public access to nature.
• Reservoir Action Group won a legal battle to stop site being used for housing development.
• Delivery of interpretation, wayfinding, behavioural control, brand signage visitor engagement.


Built in the late-19th century, Lisvane and Llanishen Reservoir is a Victorian landmark that covers 110 acres of green and blue space and is home to amazing flora and fauna – offering an oasis of calm in the heart of the Welsh capital.

Lisvane Reservoir is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for overwintering birds; and the embankments of both reservoirs are designated SSSI for waxcap fungi. Much of the reservoir grassland and scrub woodland outside the SSSI is designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).

We first visited the site in 2019, and have been working with Welsh Water throughout the redevelopment process to create a signage and wayfinding scheme that effected the behaviour of the public, protected the delicate ecology of the site while ensuring it was a space for the community to enjoy.


We worked with Welsh Water and Natural Resources Wales to get a full understanding of the site’s SSSI status, and how we could design a signage scheme that used installation and fixing methods that had no impact on the protected flora and fauna.

We surveyed the site, and planned out wayfinding and behavioural control signage positioning that best protected the ecology of the reservoirs, while not detracting from the community’s enjoyment of the site.

Through a robust wayfinding scheme, engaging interpretation, and client branding we’ve helped create a site that managed the needs of the client, the community and the environment.

Morgans Consult were instrumental in coming to site and looking at the placement of where those interpretation boards should go, advising on what we can do, what we can’t do.

Annie Smith
Enabling Natural Resources and Wellbeing (ENRaW) Partnership Manager

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