Vindico Arena

Vindico are a Wales-based tech company. In August 2023, Vindico announced their 5-year sponsorship of the Ice Arena Wales, home of the Cardiff Devils ice hockey team. This sponsorship deal gives the tech company naming rights of the multi-purpose Vindico Arena.

The Vindico Arena is in the heart of Cardiff Bay, part of the Cardiff International Sports Village. A high-footfall and high-traffic area, with visibility from multiple A-roads in the area. The arena hosts bi-weekly sports events, and is also open to the public seven days a week for various activities.

We were approached by Vindico to help them activate their sponsorship and naming rights, creating branding that would grab attention, raise awareness of the Vindico brand, and help that brand connect with the existing users of the facility.

At a glance

• Vindico have just signed a 5 year sponsorship of the Ice Arena Wales.
• A multi-purpose venue, with a wide user demographic.
• Home of the Cardiff Devils ice hockey team.
• In the heart of Cardiff International Sports Village.
• Delivery of a bold, impactful signage solution that engaged users of the space.


Vindico approached us to help activate their sponsorship of the Ice Arena Wales, creating eye-catching branding that would help Vindico build connections with the Cardiff Devils, and users of the busy multi-purpose venue.

Vindico has a strong, bold identity. As do the Cardiff Devils who play all their home games at this venue. Often with sports sponsorships, where team colours are important, there’s a clash between two brand identities. In this case, the challenge was to integrate the Vindico brand, which is boldly purple, with the Cardiff Devils, proudly red.

The second part of the brief was to ensure the signage solution leveraged the location of the arena, achieving maximum visibility in this high-footfall and high-traffic area. This is a complex building, with a large overhang, so we needed to find a solution that not only looked amazing, but that met strict safety requirements, and gave the client peace of mind.


We proposed a fully illuminated signage solution. Eye-catching from multiple angles and distances, despite the steep overhang of the building. To ensure the client had total confidence in the solution and fixing methods, we worked with structural engineers throughout the process. Due to the positioning of the illuminated signage, on the outside face of the building, we needed to propose a method for running all cabling and controls into a void behind the arena bowl seating. We needed to ensure cabling and controls were hidden and inaccessible to the public.

What makes the Vindico signage so interesting is that it has full colour-changing functionality. This has helped Vindico engage with the passionate Cardiff Devils supporters, who were uneasy about the installation of purple branding at the home of their hockey team.

This is a multi-purpose venue, hosting third party events. The colour changing functionality allows the Vindico Arena to change the colour of the venue branding to meet the requirements of those third-party event organisers.

I think the response to the brief from Morgans Consult was without a doubt the most considered that we received. It was the one that we felt actually captured what it was we wanted to achieve.

Jo Polson
Managing Director - Vindico

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