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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has called for greater workplace safety practises to protect employees on site. All businesses need to adhere to government guidelines to minimise the risk of spreading the virus in the workplace, through the introduction of specific virus prevention products. Morgans Consult have adapted their offering to include a range of products to help businesses ensure the safety of their employees. 

Here at Morgans Consult, we are manufacturing a range of virus safety signage and equipment to help guide your employees in safe working practises. From social distancing signs to Perspex screens, we can provide a wide variety of safety products to better protect your workers while on site. We can work alongside you to provide a bespoke selection of safety products tailored around your specific needs. Please contact us to speak a member of our team for more information about custom safety solutions. 

RNLI protection screen example

Acrylic Protection Screens

Protect your staff from the risk of infection with a clear, easy-to-clean protective screen. These screens act as a barrier between employees and work to prevent the spread of the virus. They can be used in all public service & till points, where it is difficult to manage your employees’ exposure to members of the public. This modular screen can be mounted to a range of surfaces and extended to cover larger areas. Custom shapes and sizes can be made to order. 

2m capacity vinyl safety graphics sign

Social Distancing Floor / Wall Graphics

Ensure that all employees and visitors to your building are following social distancing guidelines with our range of bespoke floor and wall vinyl graphics. Our range of custom safety graphics serve to remind all visitors of your safety procedures, including directional pathways, distancing guidelines, room capacity and no entry areas. Bespoke designs with specific company branding and colours are also available.

Golf course covid-19 hand sanitiser safety rules sign

Sanitiser Stations

Protect all people entering your workplace with the inclusion of frequent hand sanitiser stations. These can be placed in key areas throughout your building to prompt all employees and visitors to maintain high levels of hygiene when on site. These portable sanitising stations can be moved around as required. 

covid mask vinyl safety graphics sign

Safety Signage

We have a range of stock safety signage to encourage behaviour in your workplace that will minimise the risk of spreading the virus, i.e. social distancing, regular hand sanitiser use and regular cleaning of hard surfaces. We also have directional signage required to steer colleagues and customers through one-way systems or to isolation pods/quarantine areas, should this be required.

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