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Wayfinding signage

Whether you require room identification signs, building wayfinding or a way of displaying a warning message, Morgans Consult can design and manufacture the correct sign for your needs. Working closely with design agencies and architects, we can deliver a wide range of wayfinding signage.

Wayfinding strategy

Directing people around your premises using signage, whether it be an existing space or a new build, is a difficult task to undertake. We understand this and, starting with a signage audit (if necessary), can deliver a strategy that directs users in an effective way between each decision-making point. The strategy will include a signage family with signs that when used together can tackle complicated building layouts.

Cardiff University Wayfinding door signage

Internal wayfinding

The internal element of a wayfinding strategy enables the user to navigate themselves from the main entrance / reception to the other parts of your building. Our knowledge of directional wayfinding systems and strategies can deliver a simple but effective solution tailored around you. 

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Elan Valley external wayfinding signage

External wayfinding

The external element of a wayfinding strategy enables the user to navigate themselves from the main road into your property and into the correct parking space. Whether this journey is long and complicated or short and simple, Morgans Consult can design and implement a successful strategy using totems, fingerposts and building signs. Illumination is also an important consideration.  

DDA compliant wayfinding signage

DDA compliant signage

Where required, it is important to ensure that the business signage you are using is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act, enabling access to your signs for everyone including the visually impaired. Morgans Consult can advise the correct signs to use, ensuring the braille and tactile elements are correctly used.

Statutory fire door keep shut sign

Statutory signage

Easily forgotten, buildings are required to have statutory signs that can be related to emergency services, provide warnings or simply label key features of your premises. Morgans Consult can advise on the manufacture and implementation of these signs. Examples are ‘fire door keep shut’ labels or fire extinguisher signs.

Internal wayfinding signage
External wayfinding signage
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Internal wayfinding signage
Internal wayfinding signage
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